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meganbmoore wrote in bigbysnowfort
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I didn't plan for my first post to be pimping my stuff, but I just finished these today, and figured it'd be a waste to not post them in one of the places they're most likely to be appreciated.

about 1/2 involve Snow, Bigby or the cubs.

1.  2.    3.    
4.  5.   6.
7.  8.  9.
10.  11.  12.
13.  14.  15.
16.  17.  18.
19.  20.  21. 
22.  23.   24.
25.  26.  27. 
28.  29.  30.
31.  32.  33.
34.  35.  36.
37.  38.  39.
40.  41.  42.
43.  44.  45. 
46.  47.  48.
49.  50.  51.
52.  53.  54.
55. 56.  57.
58.  59.  60.
61.  62.   63.

*comments appreciated
*filters and textures from colorfilter and meleada
*please comment and credit if using, click here for how to credit

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Very nice work, and good use of James Jean's artwork. I particularly like the 'Fables Bunch' icon; it's quite well done, and the only reasonable way to get the entire family into the 100x100 space.

And feel free to pimp away -- it's nearly half the comm's purpose.

(the other percentages taken up by squeeing over other people's stuff and discussion, of course)

faking the windbaby was a pain...thats around take 20 or so at it...

And yeah, I went through the archives first to make sure posting icons was ok.

Looking forward to(I hope) lots and lots of squeeing in a couple of weeks when #50 comes out.

You did very well; it's far from easy to make an icon for a character who hasn't actually appeared in the comic, and potentially can't.

Fingers crossed! They are doomed to love each other, and that's all the silly blurb meant. *sage nod*

well, seeing as how they're both immortal(I doubt anything could kill either of them) and stuck with each other one way or the other for eternity, the only lasting doom I can think of is...well...uhm...

*hides and barricades self*

Death of a cub. Or multiple cubs.

But I doubt that will happen.

. . . Snow might have potential issues after, um. The bit in #49 that shall not be spoken of that I wrote a fic to explain and really should have posted in here.

Emotional stability of nitroglycerine.

I will assure myself by reading comments from many authors of series-type stuff that point out how animals and non-bratty children are quite safe, as the audiance would never forgive you if you killed them off. As the cubs are effectively both, they should be safe. We can have a lynching if not.

Well...hopefully she'll realize that not only has it been years, but they both got rather touchy at each other's ultimatums.

"The kids and I have to go to the farm. You be a good boy and stay here until we figure out what to do."
"No, you break the laws we've spent centuries upholding and abandon everything you've ever known to run off and live in the wilderness with me as criminals."


She's still pretty sensitive about stuff like this. I've written pages of analysis on just how fucked up in the head she really is. . . even given everything, I get the feeling she'd feel betrayed if she found out.

And honestly, raising six flying infants in the woods, while on the run from Fabletown? Did Bigby even think it out up to the point when they ran out of diapers?

They're all messed up in the's a large part of what makes the book so good.

80% of the appeal of "bad boys" is that they're so messed up in the head that when they're involved with someone, almost all they can focus on is their obsessive-protectiveness *points to the wolf/wind guy who spent centuries stalking a woman before even thinking about making a move*

And as far as Bigby's plans go, I don't think he even planned past the current supply of diapers, just like Snow didn't plan past blindingly obeying the law.

Given how she deliberately avoided thinking about or having a personal life by diving into her work for the past few centuries, it's no wonder she had trouble with the idea. Look at what we've seen of her management style; she doesn't allow for emotional pleas or personal opinion to get her to bend or break the rules 'just this once'. She's got a mental block there, she simply can't break Fabletown law, even if it's to her benifit.

Hey, how would they actually make their getaway in the first place? Two people having to carry six infants and even the most basic of supply packs . . . hm, maybe if they stole the van Snow and the kids took up to the farm the next day, Snow driving? They wouldn't even be able to get to an out-of-the-way place to start on going into hiding; driving around with six infants will draw a lot of notice.

And to this, all I can say is that the more messed up the relationship, the more I love it.

Absolutely beautiful icons! I actually snagged a whole boat load of them, lol. Taking 1,4,9,12,19,23,48,52,57,59. Will definitely credit when used :D

Keep up the awesome work with the icons, they're gorgeous :D

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