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Ignorance is Bliss (PG)
Faith - Hey There
empressvesica wrote in bigbysnowfort
Hi all! I just found this community and I couldn't be more thrilled. I 'ship Bigby/Snow like mad and keep trying to covert my friends. This is a rather old piece, as shown by where there are spoilers through. Hopefully it is okay that, while this delves into Bigby's relationship with Snow, it is not exclusively about the two of them.

Title: Ignorance is Bliss
Author: Vesica
Character(s)/Pairing: Bigby Wolf
Rating: PG
Word Count: 500
Disclaimer: Not mine; Willingham’s. Oh, how I wish they were...
Warnings: Spoilers through Fables #30
Summary: Just a peek inside the mind of a modern wolf whose life is rather out of control. Character study of Bigby. Written for the Overwhelmed challenge at drabble_redux.

It was a perfect day; big blue sky above, green grass beneath his feet and birds chirping merrily as they flitted in between earth and sky.

Bigby briefly considered catching one of the birds and snapping its neck. On one hand, the damned chirping would stop. On the other hand, it would generate an unacceptable level of attention.

And so he sat, wincing as the acid levels in his stomach jumped higher with every little trill and whistle.

His life was going to hell in a handbasket.

The town was abuzz about the newest refugee. It had been decades since anyone had escaped the Adversary. Maybe he was too cynical but he couldn’t shake the feeling that there was something wrong about Red Riding Hood.

He hadn’t gotten a chance to do the citizenship interview, but he had been watching her. She was too perfect. Everything - the way she stood, the timbre of her voice, her tears- neither too many nor too few - they screamed victim.

To him, they screamed traitor.

No one wanted to doubt this shred of hope that had come stumbling into Fabletown. No one wanted to ask the necessary questions.

Snow had bitched him out for being so suspicious. ‘Course she had been chewing on her bottom lip the whole time, her jitters showing her own unease with this new arrival.

God, Snow. Yet another reason for his stomach to churn like a whirlpool.

Being around her now was torture. She had always grated on his careful control – she and her damned intoxicating smell.

She had smelled like the rich loamy earth of undiscovered forests, like the verdant wild spaces out beyond the concrete asphyxiation humans loved so well. He hadn’t smelled that in centuries. It was the smell of freedom, of running and drinking in the wind. It was the smell of the homelands.

As her belly had grown, so had the scent. It hung in the air around her. The rich fertile smell of her now intertwined with his own musky scent, both laced with a hint of the newness of spring.

It had taken him two weeks to realize that this smell, this perfume, was coming from his offspring. He knew just knew; the same way he just knew how many there were. From within their mother’s womb, they were already marking their territory, announcing their presence.

The realization made something tighten in his chest in a way he refused to think about.

Much the same way he wasn’t thinking about his chance of a future with Snow.

He took a long drag on his cigarette, holding the smoke in until his lungs burned.

So many things to not think about; so he didn’t.

Exhaling in a slow hiss, he let the thoughts drift away from him on the curling tendrils of smoke.

Mind clear, he rose from the bench.

Right now, he had a young lady to interview. And maybe eviscerate.

All in all, it wasn’t such a bad day.


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^_^ Very nice. This had a great natural thought process about it. Good job.

Aw, thanks! Getting inside Bigby's head proved rather entertaining!


I adore this. Lovely insight into Bigby, good detail with the scents, and nicely done overall.

Hooray! I have always thought, if you can impress only one person with a fic - make it the community mod! :D

Glad you enjoyed it!

That's fabulous. Well done!

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