The Princess and the Wolf

A Fairytale of New York

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Another #50 update
fairest1 wrote in bigbysnowfort
James Jean has posted the final version of the cover(along with the rough sketch and original drawing).

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Good Lord that's gorgeous! What an artist. His covers always blow me away.

I am far, far too tempted to bid on the final drawing. Except that it's currently up to $2,050 US. And I need money for food and rent and the upcoming OGN.

Let's just petition him to sell prints of the final.

I'll definitely sign that petition. What a beautiful drawing.

Oh yeah, SQUEE!!!

He's outdone himself this time. *wipes drool*

And given how many people would want to get that print, he'll probably make more on those sales than he will on the art itself.

Heck yeah. Come on man! Easy profits here!

Checking out his site, he's taking suggestions for what people want turned into prints here . . .

Excuse me I need to go squee for an hour. Or two.

And stare at the PRETTY PICTURE. (did you notice the word 'wedding?' I so saw the word 'wedding.')

I didn't see that word anywhere, nosireesayitandjinxitnope.

. . . still squeeing.





*wordlessly delighted*

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