The Princess and the Wolf

A Fairytale of New York

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Fables 50 Discussion
fairest1 wrote in bigbysnowfort
Okay, it's the weekend so I think that's a reasonable wait time to allow people a chance to snag the issue before having a discussion thread . . . Thoughts? Squees? Semicoherent gibbers of happiness? Poking of James Jean to get him to make the cover available as a spiffy print (since the original went for $7,285 and only one of us can actually have it)? The "OMG YAY" and "You'd better not screw this up, Willingham" sides of my brain are having a minor tiff, but overall the gleeing takes command.

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I was very pleased. I was REALLY suspicious, since we've waited for this for so long, that SOMETHING was going to go wrong. Instead, I got deliriously happy... I think our boy Willingham might be getting us ready for some sort of heartbreak. What do you think?

The paranoia was still in full swing when I finally came down from the feeling of utter utter glee. But we still have this issue, dammit, and can deem ourselves to be working with fanon alone if it gets too bad . . . splice in the fic I did for last issue, and I think this is a fully solid departure point if needed, no matter how badly Willingham decides things should go for them.

But Colin said that things will actually be going well for Snow, at least for a while. And the focus is off the happy family for a while, so they'll get something of a break.

I have read this issue every day since I bought it. I loved it, but I can't wait to discuss some of the "legal" language that gave me an ick. (obey?)

Agreed. Granted, I'm pretty sure that's the way standard wedding vows go, but this was more of a show of religion than any of the characters have expressed over the course of the series . . . even the chapel in #10 had stained glass windows of unicorns and dragons rather than something directly religious. Overall gleeness with the issue, but it would have been better had they taken a nondenominational option that allowed for more equal standing between the two. Bigby's shown throughout the series that he respects her for who she is, he had no problem obeying orders when they were working together, and this just strikes me as something odd . . . I'll be happier if Snow rediscovers her spine soon. Perhaps if she finds a new job; it could help her a lot, especially given how passive she's been since leaving her post.

Vows are vows.. Traditional, outdated, recited. I'd have to disagree -- Snow hasn't been passive at all, especially not now that Bigby's back.. Did you notice how down-to-business she was when showing him their children's presents and directing him to remember all of them to be considerate? And the look she flashed when she demanded to have the conversation about Sarah later? Oh, Snow's definitely up to her old form.

I loved it so incredibly much. But I am sure something horrible is about to happen, probably involving Mr North.

Willingham's mentioned an upcoming arc where Bigby confronts Mr. North. And with the OGN, we'll find out why.

Focus on the yayness now, the paranoia can be set to the side once our squeeing time is past; it's not getting any more suspicious.

On to other aspects of the issue.

1) Notice how handsome Bigby was for the big event? Not too far off from being a ruggedly handsome prince. He cleans up well. His clean-shaven look may have lasted two or three hours.
2) I like how Bigby wore neater and more comfy clothes in the last panel. Looking good! I will miss his Columbo look just a tad.
3) Nice to see how Bigby does not have to smoke like a chimney out near the farm.
4) I have been looking a the bolded words in the vows. Bigby emphasizes "my" while Snow emphasizes "thee." Then in the honeymoon panel, Bigby stresses the "Mrs." Get the feeling that he is pinching himself and becoming just a bit (if charmingly so) protective of his mate?
5) Did anyone catch the gifts of "the butcher, the baker, and the candlestick maker?" So cute!

My subscription finally came in yesterday & I cried like a baby each of the three times I read it! I really thought it was a perfect issue and won't worry about Willingham's love for doomed romances at the moment. In a recent interview about #50 and the future of the series, he did say that he was planning on letting a couple live happily ever after. Just keeping my fingers crossed that the couple is Bigby & Snow.

Overall, SQUEE!

Yes. It has to be. We will riot if it isn't. Hell, I'll organize the riot and buy pitchforks for everyone if needed.

Because dammit, they DESERVE happiness after everything they've been through.

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