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An addition to our group . . .
Snow/Bigby - Domestic Bliss
fairest1 wrote in bigbysnowfort
In light of the events of #70, I propose that the Blanket Fortress be opened to Rose/Blue 'shippers as well. It's a popular pairing in the little fandom we have, and compatible with Snow/Bigby, so I figure they should have somewhere to gather as well. Any objections?

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No objections here. :)

*grin* I didn't really think there would be any . . . and really, every pairing needs a blanket fortress to pull into sometimes. But it's best to just invite ones that wouldn't fight amongst themselves and keep out the wank.


I was two seconds away from tell you this on Y!M. But no - you got here first.

And Miss fairest1 - No quibble from me. :D

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