The Princess and the Wolf

A Fairytale of New York

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Fables #80
* Distressing, Distressing Developments
fairest1 wrote in bigbysnowfort
As we've welcomed our Rose/Blue 'shipping friends to the shelter of the comm, I think that a discussion is called for. To sum up: What the fuck?

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Maybe. Depends on how this plays out. I'll keep reading, no question there, but I really miss the days of character-driven plots.

*nodnod* Recall during March of the Wooden Soldiers, all the magic users on the 13th floor gave it their all to keep attention away from the battle -- and even then, they whammied a news report so that anyone it didn't catch who noticed noises or flames would think it something normal.

The collapse of the Woodland, on the other hand . . . they were all rather distracted due to the evacuation, and all the base spells -- the ones that helped ensure people would pay the street no mind and so forth -- had unraveled. Thirty seconds in(and I'm only allowing that to give it time to register and for running time), you'd get mundys running in going "Oh shit, not again. What can I do to help?"; by the time Bigby decided to shift, there'd be a fire truck or twelve on the way, rescue teams prepping, and news reports interrupting regularly scheduled programming.

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