The Princess and the Wolf

A Fairytale of New York

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envielestrange wrote in bigbysnowfort
Hi everyone!
I've just found this community and I'm a big snow/bigby shipper! ^o^
I just wanted to show you few sketches I've done recently...

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Wow! They're beautiful; you've captured them better even than some of the official artists. You have a real talent.

^^ thank you! really, thak you, fables is full of great artists and your is a really appreciated compliment! ^o^

Oh wow! Those are very well done. Beautiful.

Very lovely!! Thanks so much for sharing them.

I think I feel fic coming on. :D

Lovely, lovely, lovely! There's not enough BigbyxSnow stuff around and your pics are just wonderful. ^_^

Wow! Thanks so much for sharing these, they're looovely :)

Oh gosh, this is beautiful! Do you have anywhere you usually post your art?

^^ thank you!

yeah, I usually post everything here:

Wow, those are gorgeous! :D

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