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A Fairytale of New York

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Fables #80
* Distressing, Distressing Developments
fairest1 wrote in bigbysnowfort
As we've welcomed our Rose/Blue 'shipping friends to the shelter of the comm, I think that a discussion is called for. To sum up: What the fuck?

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Wait, what happened? Spoil me like a rotten banana!

It was revealed Rose and Sinbad got married about a week ago.

There's a reason why this comm was started in the form of a blanket fort.


Where did THAT come from?

My point. I mean, sure, they were sleeping together for the last bit, but this is rather WTFy.

This seems like a return to the irresponsible Rose, who we haven't really seen since the beginning of Animal Farm. If a sudden marriage happened before she became responsible leader of the Farm, I'd have bought it, but how do you reconcile this with the years of character development that made Rose more mature? Sure, she's always going to be more of a free spirit than Snow, but really???

I didn't see it so much as irresponsible as impulsive . . . this is still far better than, say, running off to Vegas to marry Jack.

See, even while considering Rose/Blue to be awesomesauce and something to look forward to, I accepted her goinking Sinbad.

We've seen a progression in her relationships; after moving to the Farm, she was involved with Weyland Smith for a time -- both a step up from Jack on several levels and a helpful ally in integrating her to her position at the farm. She mourned him on a serious level, though the relationship seemed to simply be casual fun between consenting adults.

Even with this, her emotional development when it comes to relationships is rather stunted. She's never had a serious relationship that we know of -- for centuries, her basic goal was to piss off Snow, so anything taken for herself alone is at least a step up.

When Blue came to the Farm and things started to develop with him, she realized that anything she had with him would instantly be more serious than anything she's had before. This scared her enough to pull the friendship card.

Then after things seem to calm down from the war, Sinbad's there -- he's hot, a reasonably stable choice, a diplomat for the Arabian Fables (which means he'd get it when she had to, say, skip dinner with him in favour of something work related), a decent guy, and a war hero (which is a nice touch). So sleeping with him I can get.

So . . . irresponsible to a degree, and hella impulsive, but still not as bad as when we first saw her.

I actually don't have a problem with her and Sinbad. In fact (ducking for cover), I have never particularly liked Rose and thought that she wasn't good enough for Blue. To me, her hooking up with Sinbad is almost a desperate attempt to hold onto some good memories of Charming.

But marriage without warning or really good cause that we've seen? It just seems to be a step backwards in her development. I'm sure this will eventually be explained so it makes sense, but right now, I'm not feeling it.

I am just desperately hoping there will be ANY reasonable explanation for this . . . but for the character, it makes no sense. I mean, hooking up with random guys is one thing, but this is the first time that we know of that she's gotten married.

I won't give you reason to duck if you spare me on this comment -- I feel the series is really going downhill. This, combined with the destruction of the Woodland earlier in the issue seriously bothers me. It's not so much the destruction of Fabletown as it is the fact that you can't have a building collapse in New York City without the mundys freaking the fuck out (reasonably) and rushing to the scene to find out what happened. There will be an investigation, and I seriously don't buy that they had a few minutes to wait for Bigby to blow the dust away without ANY mundys coming in to investigate -- spells or no spells, there's some things that can't be ignored.

I agree to a certain extent, but think it may be on an upswing. Personally, I thought the war was pretty weak after all of the build up. I'm liking the new level of baddies, though.

You're right about the collapse not being plausible. Somebody would have noticed and freaked out. Plus, wouldn't be suspicious that there was a major building collapse, but little to no dust? This is supposed to by NYC- they know what it looks like after a building comes crashing down. I can give some leeway for the magic, but not this much.

Maybe. Depends on how this plays out. I'll keep reading, no question there, but I really miss the days of character-driven plots.

*nodnod* Recall during March of the Wooden Soldiers, all the magic users on the 13th floor gave it their all to keep attention away from the battle -- and even then, they whammied a news report so that anyone it didn't catch who noticed noises or flames would think it something normal.

The collapse of the Woodland, on the other hand . . . they were all rather distracted due to the evacuation, and all the base spells -- the ones that helped ensure people would pay the street no mind and so forth -- had unraveled. Thirty seconds in(and I'm only allowing that to give it time to register and for running time), you'd get mundys running in going "Oh shit, not again. What can I do to help?"; by the time Bigby decided to shift, there'd be a fire truck or twelve on the way, rescue teams prepping, and news reports interrupting regularly scheduled programming.

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